Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Gold Bars – Wealth Preservation for an Exceptional Value

The sight of a stack of gold bars is quite alluring to say the least. Whether a stack of bricks is seen in a movie or in a real-life picture, the sight of these bullion investments make many salivate at the mere mention of them.

Ranging in size from 1-kilogram all the way down to 1-gram, gold bars serve to protect investors from a host of factors that can negatively impact the value of stocks or cash holdings. Continue reading for other reasons why you should buy and hold gold bars in your investment portfolio.

Why should I buy gold bars?

Throughout the ages, gold is the one asset that consistently holds its value, especially amidst economic chaos, war and other events that can negatively impact things like stocks, housing and cash. You can also hold and store gold bars on your own, which adds to the security these investments offer.

And besides the inherent stability of gold itself, gold bars generally sell for much lower premium than coins since their production costs are lower (…no elaborate designs, little stamping needed). As far as purity, most gold bars are 99.99% pure gold while many coins contain trace amounts of other elements like copper.

(An Public Gold - Bunga Raya is 999.9% gold)

But buyers beware – forgery is much easier with gold bars so be sure you buy from reputable dealers and get an assay certificate attesting to the bar’s weight and purity.

Where can I buy gold bars?

Provident Metals has over 100 cumulative years of experience helping investors buy gold bars and other forms of bullion. Many smaller denomination bars (…1-gram and up) are affordable for the most budget conscious investor. Provident Metals carries bars produced by the most reputable makers in the industry.

How do I buy gold bars?

To get started, simply browse around our main site for current prices and availability. Our secure online ordering system allows you buy gold bars safely and securely. Call Emas Mercu (Pn.Halimah - 013-6072002).

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